Barrel Strip

June 16th, 2022

Barrel Strip

Barrel strip is a flexible plastic tube made with vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) technology.

It provides targeted corrosion protection for gun barrels, either on long guns or pistols.

Ideal for use as part of a long term storage and presevation regime it comes in two sizes:

Standard caliber: 0.20″ (5.08mm) ideal for 22 rfiles and psitols

Large caliber: 0.25″ (6.35mm) for larger caliber firerams

Zerust Tube Strip


June 16th, 2022



Firearms are prone to corrosion due to the nature of the materials used in their manufacture.  Whilst desiccants like silica gel can remove moisture from your gun safe they need regular replacing and only work in a passive fashion.


By using a vapor capsule in your gun safe it provides ACTIVE corrosion protection and only needs replacing every year. The vaopor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) finds its way in to every crevice and protects all metal items. This includes protection for electronic ranging sights or the like.

VCI technology is used by leading manufacturers such as Browning, Remington and Winchester to protect their inventory.

Vapor capsule on the top shelf provides active protection from corrosion for one year

For longer term storage you can use X-Rust gun bags or firearm tube. These products are made from VCI plastic and provide active corrosion protection for 2+ years. Table 1 provides visual evidence of corrosion protection with and without VCI packaging as tested to TL 8135-0002 standard

GreenVCI Polymer Tested to TL 8135-0002
Control sample (without VCI) Protected samples with VCI product


  • inexpensive, quick and easy corrosion protection for gun safes. One vapor capsule will protect a standard single door safe for one year
  • leaves no coating on optics, no effect on fine timbers
  • VCI plastics, in either bag or tube form, offer 2+ years corrosion protection
  • no need to vacuum seal, just close tightly to eliminate air movement.