Defence and aerospace

Defence and aerospace

VCI technology provides an ideal solution to maximise operational readiness and to ensure that high value items, whether mechancial, electrical or optical, are protected.

We are able to supply either commercial off the shelf (COTS) or Mil spec VCI materials used in applications such as the protection of:

  • critical spares
  • munitions and simmunition
  • electrical/electronic assets such as radios, signalling, telemetry, range finding, and lasers including opto-electronic gear
  • firearms
  • weapons

These assets could be in storage at a central warehouse, at a military base or deployed in the field such as on an Army vehicle or Navy vessel.


Navy pump in barrier film (with desiccant)                       Firearm in VCI plastic

For safe and effective storage of critical spares such as avionic electronics and turbines use X-Rust VCI or barrier films.

Please note that vapor capsules can not be used during flight as these parts have not been certified for flight activity.

Aircraft turbine - mil spec packaging

Turbine wrapped in barrier film