VCI materials are ideal for CNC machining shops, general engineering shops , sheet metal shops, additive manufacturing (3D printing), laser cutting operations and blast/paint facilities.

Machining, Engineering, Sheet Metal and 3D Printing

VCI plastics provide effective protection against corrosion of metals for 2+ years.

Simply place the cleaned machined part inside the VCI plastic and seal.  There is no need to pull a vacuum as the VCI will fill the available space.  ​Applications include:

  • machined parts made from ferrous or non ferrous metals
  • shims
  • export shipments
  • spare parts

Highly machined part stored inside VCI plastic

Laser Cutting

VCI plastics are ideal for protecting precision cut ferrous or non ferrous metals.  Especially the case for shims and thin objects made from metals susceptible to corrosion.

Blast and Paint

For blast and paint operations the VCI stretch film is ideal for “holding” a blasted part prior to painting.  Allows for parts to be blasted at anytime, then wrapped and held ready for painting.  This allows for better scheduling of similar activites within the factory making runs more economical.


Use a vapor capsule to protect tooling, measuring instruments, tools, measuring instruments and the like from corrosion.

CNC machine tools protected using a vapor capsule