Whether it is ab above ground mining operation or an underground mine with hazardous operating conditions, X-Rust offers a solution to suit.

Mechanical Equipment

A choice of permanent or semi-permanent coatings designed to provide an additional layer of protection to paint systems for mechanical equipment and structures.  This includes protection for mining machinery as well as physical structures such as gantries, walkways, platforms, booms, etc.

Warman pump coated in an biodegradable anti-corrosion coating

​Electrical Equipment

Vapor capsules provide fast, cheap and effective protection to high cost electrical assets.

Needing no special skills for installation the process of protecting electrical equipment is quick and easy.  Simply take the vapor capsule out of the plastic package and place inside the electrical cabinet.  They come with double sided tape so can be stuck to a door or the side of a switchboard.

Then record the date of installation in the maintenance register with a reminder to replace in either one or two years time depending on model.

Above Ground vs Underground

All products are suitable and safe to use both above ground and underground.  Coatings have no solvent present so there is no flash point issue.  With the vapor capsules they are suitable for use inside IP rated cabinets.