Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

For the oil and gas industry our products provide cost effective corrosion protection solutions to various problems, either for on shore or off shore operations.

Mechanical and Structural Assets

Protection for physical structures such as gantries, walkways, platforms, booms, spares etc.

Biodegradable solutions are available so any over-spray on either land or water is not a problem as it will biodegrade.

Water based clear metal varnish also available to provide protection against salt spray whilst allowing visibility of the structure underneath.

VCI plastics or barrier films are ideal for protecting spare parts from corrosion and ensuring that parts are operationally ready when needed.

Wire Line Drilling

Biodegradable lubricants suitable for use in wire line drilling applications.  Being biodegradable the effect on the environment is minimised and the cost of cleaning up any spillages is eliminated.

Pipe Storage

​Surplus pipe can be quickly protected from internal rusting by using a VCI powder.  Simply cap one end with a pipe end cap, place some VCI powder at the other end and blow in to the pipe.  Seal the other end and job is done for between 3 -10 years depending upon the quality of the sealing (water tight or air tight).

Line pipe storage

Leg Hulls and Voids

Large internal spaces can be protected from corrosion with out the need for a confined space entry permit.  For dry layup protection a combination of VCI powder and high performance desiccant is used.

Wet layup is also possible.

Successfully used on leg hulls where in the past the customer sent someone in to paint grease on to all leg hull welds.  This process took over a week with the risk that the painter would miss some areas.  The new method uses VCI powder and desiccant packed in sachets,  No entry permit is needed and total application time was reduced to half an hour.

​Electrical Equipment

Vapor capsules provide fast, cheap and effective protection for high cost electrical assets and are highly effective in marine environments to protect against corrosion from salt spray.

Testing and Measuring Equipment

Specialised test and measurement equipment is easily protected by using a vapor capsule inside the storage case.