A range of environmentally friendly but effective products for use in the remanufacturing sector.  Typical applications are across the heavy equipment and transport industries as well as stationary power generation.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment parts used on excavators, bulldozers and the like are remanufactured by all the major builders of such equipment.  REMAN products are offered to the customer with a similar or the same warranty period but at a reduced cost.  Aside from a cost saving to the end customer the process of remanufacturing reduces the impact on the environment from disposal of old components and making new ones.

Remanufactured parts


Automotive remanufacturing typically covers the remanufacturing of engines, gearboxes, clutch assemblies and brake assemblies particularly in the trucking industry


Remanufacturing of engines and engine components as well as heavy duty components such as driveshafts, rudder assemblies, etc.


Remanufacturing of bogie assemblies and diesel engines.

Standby Power Generation

Remanufacture of power generators to original equipment specifications.  X-Rust are able to provide packaging to match common European standards and their packaging requirements.