Barrier films

Barrier films

Barrier films prevent corrosion by controlling the ingress of both oxygen and water vapor.  They can provide long term corrosion protection for 5+ years.  We proudly stock Valsem films, the world leaders in barrier film technology.

Barrier films meet military specification MIL B 131K Type 1 Class 1 and are suited to the long term protection of high cost, high value add assets including jet engines, military equipment and specialised industrial machines.

Stock Lines

We carry the following barrier film stock lines.  Available same or next day with no minimum order quantity.

All sizing is width by length by thickness measured in micron (um).

Barrier Film Sizes
1 m x 300 m x 98 um
1.25 m x 240 m x 98 um
1.5 m x 200 m x 98 um

Tensile strength: 544 N
Perforation strength:  145 N
Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) @38C/90%RH: <0.001 g/m2/24h

Electromagnetic Shielding Films

Films that provide 99% shielding from electromagnetic radiation, designed for use where security is paramount.  The film can be perforated to provide ventialtion and can be then sewn inside traditional canvas coverings to provide both ventialtion as well as EMI security.

Outdoor Films

For crate free packaging the use of Titan films will provide a secure, waterproof barrier without the need for a timber case.  Titan films are also available with wire mesh woven through the film to provide resistance to knives and therefore provide additional security.


Added security features are available for high value add items or those with specific tracking and security needs.  These features include:

  • dedicated stainless steel ties and lockdown mechanisms to secure the package
  • films with interwoven wire mesh to prevent access using box cutters or knives
  • alarms
  • Internet of Things (IoT) tracking systems enabling you to track the status of your package wherever.

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