VCI emitters

VCI emitters

VCI Emitters

VCI emitters are designed to protect a DEFINED volume for a SPECIFIED period of time. X-Rust offer prepackaged emitters, know as vapour capsules, which provide active corrosion protection through to VCI powders that can be used to protect large voids such as tanks, ship hulls and boilers from corrosion.

Vapor Capsules

Ideal for providing low cost protection against corrosion inside electrical cabinets, switchboards, metering equipment, SCADA systems, control units and telecommunications equipment. Vapor capsules come in various sizes as tabled below. They provide active corrosion protection in sealed or semi-sealed spaces such as electrical enclosures.

All items are in stock with no minimum order quantity. Stock lines highlighted in green are made in Australia and are environmentally friendly, with no nitrites or amines present.

Item       Code                 Volume Protected    Radius Protected   Period of Protection
XR1-1    375-M-00001           0.12 m3                       0.3 m                          1 year
XR2-1    375-M-00002           0.95 m3                       0.6 m                        1 year
XR2-2    375-M-00003           0.95 m3                       0.6 m                       2 years
VC6-1    375-M-00004           25.63 m3                     1.8 m                        1 year
VC6-2    375-M-00005           25.63 m3                     1.8 m                        2 years

More information can be found here.

Protection of Large Voids

For large voids that require temporary or permament corrosion protection we offer VCI powder that is environmentally friendly. This can be used in either wet or dry layup applications.

Applications include:

  • tubular structures such as pipes, vessels and turbines
  • metal parts during shipping or storage
  • equipment protection after hydrostatic testing
  • internal surfaces of engines, boilers, turbines and tanks
  • ship hulls
  • wet or dry layup of closed circuit cooling systems
  • concrete bridge cables and tendons
  • pontoons and other floating structures which may be using water as ballast

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