VCI plastics

VCI plastics

VCI plastics are ideal for protecting metal items from corrosion during storage or shipment.  Simply pack the item to be protected inside the VCI plastic, taking care not to leave fingerprints on any bare metal.  Seal the VCI plastic around the part.  There is no need to completely exclude any air from the package as the VCI will protect the air space that the metal item sits in.  Protects for 2+ years depending on where and how the item is stored.

VCI Stock Lines

We carry the following VCI stock lines.  Available same or next day with no minimum order quantity aside from VCI zip lock bags that come in packs of 100.

All sizing is width by length by thickness measured in micron (um).

VCI Tube Stock – economical method for protecting large numbers of items. Orange tint + VCI.
200 mm x 186 m x 150 um
300 mm x 365 m x 100 um
500 mm x 260 m x 100 um

VCI Centrefold (sheet) – ideal for wrapping larger items. Orange tint + VCI.
1000/2000 mm x 100 m x 100 um

VCI Stretch Film – same as tradtional stretch film but with VCI. Works in hand held stretch wrappers. Orange tint.
500 mm x 100 m x 23 um

VCI Zip Lock Bags – ideal for smaller parts, quick and easy to use. Orange tint + VCI.
150 mm x 230 mm x 80 um
200 mm x 300 mm x 80 um
400 mm x 400 mm x 100 um

More information can be found on the product information sheet.

VCI Outdoor Film – for outdoor use. Ideal for protecting large items in long term storage, mothballing or export shipments. UV stabilised, heat shrinkable, white + VCI.
2700/5400 mm x 50 m x 200 um

A product information sheet is available here.

VCI Outdoor Heat Shrink Film

Custom Manufacturing

We can custom manufacture a product that is tailored specifically to your application. This includes custom sizing. Printing options ranging from single colour to multi-colour are also available.

Contact us for details. Minimum order quantities will apply.

VCI Master Batch

For plastic moulders we are able to supply VCI master batch that meets international standards and is environmentally friendly.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.