Two pontoons that provide vital infrastructure access to a mine site needed internal corrosion protection. Each pontoon uses fresh water as ballast as well as containing an air space.

The client required corrosion protection for both the air space and the ballast water.


The solution was to use GVP100 VCI powder. GVP100 can be used in either a wet or dry layup and is ideal for this application.

A dose rate of 100 gm per cubic metre was used for the air space and 1 kg per cubic metre for the water. For the air space the VCI powder was fogged in, whilst for the water a slurry mixture was made and poured in to the ballast water.

Testing needs to occur at yearly intervals to ensure the VCI concentration is sufficient.


  • easy process to protect both the air space and the water.  Can be done by unskilled labour
  • provides long term protection
  • easy process to measure VCI concentration and ensure ongoing protection