Car Cover Medium


Car cover to suit medium sized vehicles.

Cover measures 5,080 mm long by 2,200 mm wide by 1,520 mm high.

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The ultimate in car protection.  The car cover will protect your car from water, sun, dust, dirt and corrosion.

Unlike standard car covers this car cover will cover and protect the entire car including the floor.

The car cover also comes with proprietary vapor corrosion inhibitors moulded into the plastic thereby protecting mechanical and electrical components from corrosion for up to 3 years from the date of purchase.

Key features include:

1. Water resistant

2. UV stable

3.  Mould proof

4.  Dust proof

5.  Protection from corrosion for up to 3 years

Also suitable for use on restoration projects.  The car cover will slow down or stop the rate of corrosion and “hold” the car in its current state until restoration can commence.

Car Cover 4 - Subaru partial cover

Car Bag - partially covered

Here’s an innovative use for a car bag.  A customer owns some old cars and was looking to protect one vehicle in particular.  They were also about to embark on a renovation project so ended up using the car bag for the storage of furniture.  When the renovation is finished he’ll use the bag to protect his car.

 Furniture storage - bag open                          Furniture storage - bag partly closed                               Furniture storage - bag closed

       Bag laid out flat ready for furniture                                      Place desiccant sachets prior to closing                           Sealed up.  Dirt proof, dust proof and vermin proof