Firearm Vapor Capsule


One year protection life – suitable for all gun safes, gun cases or gun bags.

Note these capsules are first run production samples made locally.


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Now in a robust aluminium case, the X-Rust firearm vapor capsules provide easy to use targeted corrosion protection designed specifically for protecting firearms from corrosion. Easy to install in seconds with corrosion protection for one year.

NOTE that these capsules are made locally in Australia by people living with a disability.


X-Rust firearm vapor capsules can be used in any gun safe, gun case or gun bag.  For standard single door gun safes use 1 capsule.  For two door gun safes use 2 capsules.


  • Chemistry designed specifically to provide optimum protection to firearms
  • Targeted corrosion protection
  • Inexpensive
  • Non-toxic and odourless
  • Can be used in conjunction with desiccants
  • Safe for use with all finishes/materials including wood, plastic and optics
  • Will not leave a film on glass or optics

How to use

The X-Rust firearm vapor capsule will arrive in a plastic bag. The vapor capsule is activated once the plastic bag is opened.

Write the date of installation on the vapor capsule OR consider the purchase of a timestrip which provides a visual indication of when to replace the capsule.

Placement options for the vapor capsule in order to ensure full corrosion protection are shown below.

Capsule application       Corner application        side application        Dual Application

         Centre                            Corner                                 Side                                   Dual


The enclosure should limit air exchange with the outside atmosphere in order to preserve the lifespan of the capsule.  However small air leaks are acceptable.  Place the capsule close to the source of the airflow.

Securely Close application                                  Basic CMYK

Securely close door            Place vapor capsule near airflow

Note that if the door of the enclosure is left open then over time all the corrosion inhibitor will disperse to the atmosphere.

Normal access to say a gun safe is fine.  Some of the corrosion inhibitor escapes but once the door is closed again it automatically replenishes.

Important information

X-Rust firearm vapor capsules are non-toxic, odourless, non-allergenic and environmentally friendly. They have no chemicals that flake off, stick to or otherwise damage the product they are supposed to protect. Vapor capsules can be used in conjunction with desiccants. In this situation the vapor capsules acts as an emitter of vapor corrosion inhibitors and the desiccant absorbs water.

Safe to use on wood finishes, optics, electronics, rubber, plastics and other materials/finishes.


Avoid exposure to paper as over time (5+ years) the paper will yellow.