High Performance Desiccant


150 gm sachets of high performance desiccant.  Outperforms silica gel by up to seven times.  One 150 gm sachet is the same as using 1 kg of silica gel.


High performance desiccant that outperforms silica gel.  Key features include:

Moisture absorption speed:  Absorbs water 5 times quicker than silica gel.  Gets rid of moisture quicker than silica gel

Moisture absorption rate:     By weight, absorbs up to seven times more water than silica gel.  So a 150 gm sachet is equivalent to using 1 kg of silica gel

Locks away moisture:             Unlike silica gel water is locked away and can’t be released even when the desiccant sachet is saturated.

Packed in a breathable plastic sachet.  Do not leave the desiccant in direct contact with bare metal as a rust spot may result. Place on a piece of plastic if needed.