Barrel Strip (large caliber)


Suitable for large caliber, 0.25″ diameter (6.35 mm), sold by the metre.

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Provides targeted corrosion protection for up to 3 years. Use inside rifle and shotgun barrels.

Not suitable for small caliber firearms such as 22 rifles as it is 0.25″ in diameter.


  • Targeted corrosion protection
  • Protective lifetime up to 3 years

Tube and barrel strip is non-toxic, odourless, non-allergenic and environmentally friendly. The plastic can be recycled through normal waste channels.

How to use

Ensure the firearm is clean and place tube strip down the barrel.


  • Avoid using on hot firearms;
  • Can be used inside a gun safe in conjunction with a firearm or vapor capsule
  • For long term storage use in conjunction with the firearm tube

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