Vapor Capsule – Medium


One year capsule – suitable for enclosed volume of 1.0 m3 or a radius of 0.6m.  Suitable for single door gunsafes, for double door gunsafes use two capsules at opposite ends.


Vapor capsules provide easy to use targeted corrosion protection for use inside any type of enclosure including gun safes, toolboxes, outboard engines, dashboards, etc. Easy to install in seconds with corrosion protection for one year.

AUSTRALIAN MADE.  These capsules are made in Australia using an environmentally friendly VCI.


Vapor capsules can be used in any enclosure. Typical applications include:

  • Gun safes
  • Tool boxes
  • Tackle boxes
  • Storage cabinets and drawers
  • Inboard engines
  • Navigation tools
  • Gun rooms
  • Outboard engines
  • Battery compartments
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Jet skis
  • Pianos
  • Storage units
  • Meter boxes
  • Dashboards
  • Freight containers


  • Targeted corrosion protection
  • Inexpensive
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Odourless
  • Can be used in conjunction with desiccants
  • Safe for use with all finishes/materials including wood, plastic and optics
  • Will not leave a film on glass or optics
  • Protects metals used in electrical/electronic equipment from tarnishing including copper and silver
  • Dimensions 48 mm long by 31 mm wide by 21 mm high

How to use

The vapor capsule will arrive packed in plastic. The vapor capsule is activated once the plastic pack is opened. Peel off the adhesive backing and affix to almost any surface inside of an enclosure.  Write the date of installation on the vapor capsule or record it on your phone or calendar.

Placement options for the vapor capsule in order to ensure full corrosion protection are shown below.


                     Centre                                                         Side                                                       Top                                                         Dual


The enclosure should limit air exchange with the outside atmosphere in order to preserve the lifespan of the vapor capsule.  However small air leaks are acceptable.  Place the vapor capsule close to the source of the airflow.


Note that if the door of the enclosure is left open then over time all the corrosion inhibitor will disperse to the atmosphere.

Normal access to a gun safe or tool box is fine.  Some of the corrosion inhibitor escapes but once the door is closed again it automatically replenishes.

Important information

Vapor capsules are non-toxic, odourless, non-allergenic and environmentally friendly. They have no chemicals that flake off, stick to or otherwise damage the product they are supposed to protect. Vapor capsules can be used in conjunction with desiccants. In this situation the vapor capsules acts as an emitter of vapor corrosion inhibitors and the desiccant absorbs water.

Safe to use on wood finishes, optics, electronics, rubber, plastics and other materials/finishes.


Avoid exposure to paper as over time (5+ years) the paper will yellow.

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 4.7 × 3 × 2 cm