Vehicle Underbody Coating


A water based underbody coating designed to protect cars, bikes, trailers, trucks and machinery from corrosion.

Quick drying, the product can be applied to ALL of the underbody including exhaust systems, protecting for up to 3 years.

Offers high corrosion and salt resistance as well as high chip resistance.

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For cars, trucks, motorbikes, machinery and trailers the underbody coating protects for up to 3 years from moisture, salt and humidity.

Easily applied it can be sprayed over the entire underbody including exhaust systems without affecting hoses, belts or electrical components.  Can also be applied down box sections.

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  • clear finish so you can see what’s going on underneath;
  • quick drying (10-15 minutes in ambient air)
  • high chip resistance so protects the underlying paint;
  • strong corrosion protection for up to 3 years with high salt resistance;
  • excellent adhesion on metals, primers and painted surfaces;
  • water based and biodegradable
  • high temperature resistance so can be used to protect exhaust systems without causing smoke or odours

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How to Use

  1. Remove excess dirt or other contaminants before applying.  The cleaner the surface the better the end result.  Wash, rinse and dry the vehicle before applying;
  2. The ideal surface temperature for application is between 15 to 27 degrees Celsius.  DO NOT spray on to a hot engine or exhaust, allow to cool;
  3. Place the sealed 1L bottle in a bucket of hot water.  This will make the product more viscous and easier to spray as well as providing better coverage.  DO NOT dilute with water;
  4. Open the bottle allowing air in to the bottle, reseal and shake/tip upside down to mix.
  5. Use an airless spray system with a a pressure of 1,000 to 2,000 PSI for application.  These are professional spray paint units and can be rented from Coates Hire, Kennards and others.
  6. Keep a constant distance of 20 to 25 cm from the nozzle to the surface being sprayed.  Move the spray gun parallel to the area being sprayed whilst holding the spray gun perpendicular to the surface.  Spray an area of less than 1.8 m across at any one time.  Only ONE spray pass is needed to achieve the proper wet film thickness of between 125 to 250 microns;
  7. Over spray can be removed with a damp cloth whilst the coating is wet;
  8. Drying time is 10 to 15 minutes in ambient air or 1 to 3 minutes in an air oven;
  9. Once the coating is dry inspect to ensure the coating application is consistent.

Product does not contain silicone.


A one litre bottle will cover 8 square metres based on a 125 micron wet film thickness (25 micron dry film thickness).