Corrosion 101 e-book


A free e-book on corrosion.  Learn about basic corrosion chemistry and the application of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor’s to prevent corrosion.


FREE information for those serious about protecting their assets from corrosion.  Download it here:

Corrosion 101 e-book – information for those serious about protecting their assets from corrosion

This e-book covers the use and application of vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) technology in the protection of assets such as firearms, boats, fishing gear, tools and cars from corrosion.  Whilst VCI’s where discovered by Shell in the 1930’s their use and application is not widely known.

The e-book is divided in to two sections:

Technical Stuff – talks about why metal things corrode and the chemistry behind it;

Practical Stuff – gets straight in to applications using materials science technology to protect assets.

Along the way we’ll talk about some basic chemistry, explain why corrosion of metals occurs and outline how VCI technology protects metals from corrosion.  If you understand the basic chemistry of why metals corrode it will make it easier to understand how best to protect them.

Some interesting applications and uses will be covered along with ideas on how to use VCI’s to protect your equipment.  Wherever you see text like this there is a link to a website or some other information.  Click on it to find out more.

If you have any interesting applications or some photos to share please email us.

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