The materials science technology utilised across our product range has been proven over time and meets relevant local and international standards. We have partnered with the world’s leading company in the research and development of environmentally friendly corrosion protection technology. This means our products do not contain heavy metals, amines, nitrites or other substances of concern and they comply with REACH (SVHC), RoHS and TRGS 615 standards.

Ongoing R&D efforts wsees the focus being on improving perforamce whilst maintaining or improving environmental credentials.

For specific technical questions, product information sheets or material safety data sheets related to your application please email us.

Different Products for Different Applications

Our product range encompasess different technolgies for providing corrosion protection to assets. For a quick overview of corrosion chemistry please download our free guide.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors

Vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCI) were commercialised by Shell in the 1930’s with a product called Dichan. Shell found that this product released a vapor that was attracted to any metallic surface and prevented corrosion by preventing electrons from flowing from the anode to the cathode.

We are now on the fourth generation of VCI technology and offers corrosion protection solutions and methods way beyond anything envisaged by Shell. VCI’s work best in areas where air flow is limited and can protect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals for many years. VCI’s work in an active fashion and can be used in conjunction with desiccants (for passive moisture absorption) or coatings.

Barrier Films

Barrier films provide passive corrosion protection by providing a highly impermeable barrier against water and oxygen. By eliminating water then corrosion can not occur as an electrolyte is needed for the corrosion cell to work. These films come in many specifications and meet Military Specifications for packaging.


As the world moves toward tighter restrictions on what is classified as a dangerous goods, users are demanding environmentally friendly solutions. Our coatings are either water or food grade oil based and provide a layer of protection, similar to using paint, to protect metals from corrosion.

High Performance Desiccant

Utilising a properiatary formula the desiccant sachets provide a low cost way of removing water quickly from any environment. Up to seven times more absoprtion capacity than silica gel, desiccant sachets work in a passive fashion and can be used in conjunction with VCI’s, barrier films or coatings.